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      @New Global Education Software is the programs to grow the global view of the children. It helps the children to find the universal generalities which we think go across the globe as well as the history of mankind. It goes across the field of environmental study, the globe education, history, human morality, religions, peace issues, science, geography, etc.There are about 400 themes installed and they are exposed through games and quizes, multimedia, internet access, GIS, simulator, etc. The program light up the important issues which are inheritted to the mankind and help the children to find the fresh global figure.


@       EarthKids V@is the primary "new global education software". The navigator takes the children to the the knowledge base of the global science, the history of the lives and the mankind, the environmental issues. Geographic information system and other software arrangements are backing up the navigation and accompany the children with the positive learning.

      Meanwhile, the program treats the difficult issues of today, li.e. the wars, environmental issues. "The Room of the Peace Diary" and its knowledge base is provided and support the peace and the human moral education. It goes across the Holocaust Study and the more and take the children to meet with the great peaceful spirits like Anne Frank, Mother Telesa, Chiune Sugihara, Ganzi, Schweitzr, and so on. The children will see the love whih had been held in those personalities. The program provides the occasions to meet with those peaceful personalities while they study.

      Why don't you visit our internet site, Peace Diary, here, "the rose of Anne Frank", "Freedom Writers" are introduced.

      Experimental Geographyis the educational GIS and it can map 190 world countries according to the numerical value of each country. It illustrate the difference of the countries through mapping by different colors as well as through the graphical presentations. Experimental Geography is one of the important systems equipped in the "Earthkids V". Experimental Geography also illustrate the NASA pictures instored and makes you able to visit internet addresses of interest.

      With Magic Math Kingdom, the children can learn mathematics in a friendly atmosphere accompanied by animals and/or worms. Meanwhile, the geometry workshop helps students enjoy the experience of learning plane geometry. The comprehensive game that is included turns children on to learning math. It is not a mere math soft since the background themes, i.e. the Time Travel(the history or the lives), the Rainforest or the Space Tour are chosen so as to cope with the change of the children's interest as they grow older

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